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5 Reasons why practical education is important

Theoretical education though lays the foundation of the knowledge of any course, but it is the practical education that triggers inspiration and helps students to learn and understand the concepts better. Practical education by its nature is an interactive form of education and keeps the mind engaged at a higher degree as compared to any other pedagogical methods. As the saying goes, “Practice makes man perfect”, the incorporation of teaching practical skills in the education system makes the students gain better clarity on the theoretical aspects, acquire a better understanding of the workforce and help in finding better employment opportunities. Here are the reasons why practical education is important –

Practical education helps in better learning and understanding

A number of scientific concepts are complex and difficult to understand. It is only through practical education that learning of these concepts is possible. To gain a better understanding of various subjects and their complex theorems, practical education plays a pivotal role.

Practical education increases retention

Just mugging up complex theories, algorithms and equations are not the solutions for the long term retention of the various educational concepts. All the components of a particular concept are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which can only be fitted together with the help of practical lessons. The practical education brings clarity and helps to correlate the various aspects of a particular concept. And once a concept becomes clearly understood in the mind, it can be retained for a much longer time.

Practical education improves expertise and skills

Training and exercise are meant to improve student’s skills which cannot be done alone by theoretical knowledge. Like for example lessons of engineering can be better understood with the help of experiments and these experiments help the students to gain expertise and develop skills in the particular field. Practical knowledge opens the gateway to improve the mental capabilities and with practice, these capabilities are turned into useful skills.

Practical education involves application and deals with real life situations

Facts and theories alone are of no use unless one knows how to apply them in real life situations. The various equations of trigonometry are hard to remember and the relations between various trigonometric principles are complex. These alone do not serve any purpose unless through practical education we realize what importance trigonometry holds in architecture and civil engineering fields.

Practical education motivates for team work

A number of practical lessons taught to students involve team activities and projects. Students are taught the practical concepts in groups and teams. By its nature, practical education requires students to work in groups where the students divide the various responsibilities among themselves. Thus, practical education teaches a lot about team work.

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